Whole Chicken *DEPOSIT FOR 2021 BATCHES*

Whole Chicken *DEPOSIT FOR 2021 BATCHES*

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Free range/pasture raised chickens - average size 4-5 lbs ($5.25 per lb - $11.55 per kg).

*Deposit of $25 required - remainder to be paid in full at time of delivery/pick-up*

There will be multiple batches throughout the summer available, when order is placed, we will contact you with dates available for delivery/pickup.

Our chickens and turkeys are raised on pasture and supplemented with a little grain that is locally sourced to provide quality meat.  They have ample space to range and forage around outside as they would naturally.  We do not inject our animals with steroid, hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Our chickens and turkeys are handled using low stress and humane methods. We process our poultry in a provincially inspected facility as stated by the Government of Alberta.



Soy free, locally sourced grain for feed.