1 Dozen Free Range Eggs

1 Dozen Free Range Eggs


One dozen free range - multicoloured chicken eggs.

We raise our chickens like we raise our kids, free range. Our hens have free run of the farm to scratch in the dirt and forage for grass as bugs as they naturally would. They have a large coup which they nest and roost in during the night or during poor weather which also has ample space for them to roam around freely. We raise multiple breeds including heritage breeds, which provides variation of size and colour of the eggs you buy, we do not sort our eggs, each dozen is unique. Our chickens eat locally sourced grain to supplement their diet and to ensure they are getting proper nutrition, our feed is soy free.

All our eggs are hand washed without the use of any solvents.

Want to ensure you receive eggs every week (including during the summer), check out our egg CSA.

**We can only estimate how many eggs our chickens will lay and it varies throughout the year and even day to day. If we are sold out, that is to ensure our CSA members receive their pre-ordered eggs. We may have extra's available at pickups. We are only allowed to raised 299 layer birds due to government legislation.**