Eggs Benedict (a household favourite)

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Eggs Benedict (a household favourite)
The most important thing about a tasty eggs benny is a good hollandaise sauce. So look no further than Julia Child. We've been able to make the following recipe gluten- and dairy-free as well. It is best on English muffins, but a nice bun will do in a pinch. Key also is to have poached eggs with solid white and a runny yolk, paired with either ham, or our in-house bacon!
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  • Servings: 4


Hollandaise Sauce by Julia Child (Makes about 1 cup)

3 egg yolks
1 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice (you may want a bit more at the end for flavour)
8 ounces of very, very soft unsalted butter. (It must be unsalted butter as the sauce needs very little salt. To lighten this up, we use Becel vegan margarine or Earth Balance)
Itty bitty pinch of salt

1. Whisk the yolks, water and lemon juice in a medium heavy-bottomed saucepan. Whisk until thick and pale. Set the pan over moderately low heat and continue to whisk at a reasonable speed. Whisking in a figure eight pattern is best in order to keep the eggs from overcooking.

2. Moderate the heat by frequently moving the pan off the burner for a few seconds and then placing it back. As the yolks cook they will become frothy and thicken. When the yolks are thickened and you are able to see the bottom of the pan through the streaks of the whisk (like in risotto), remove from the heat.

3. In 1 Tbsp chunks, add the soft butter and whisk constantly to incorporate. Work slowly. Do not rush the butter. As the emulsion forms, you may begin to add the butter in slightly larger chunks but always whisk until fully incorporated.

4. Continue adding butter until the sauce has thickened to your preference.

5. Season lightly with salt, pepper and additional lemon if desired. Whisk in well and serve.

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