Our pigs are raised on pasture and supplemented with a little grain that is locally sourced to provide quality meat. We raise Berkshire crosses, a heritage breed which are know for their outstanding marbling qualities. They have ample space to range and root around outside as they would naturally.  We do not inject our animals with steroids or hormones.

Antibiotics are only used when necessary to treat illness and prevent disease outbreaks. This ensures the optimal health and well-being of our animals. Our pigs are handled using low stress and humane methods. We process our pork in a provincially inspected facility as stated by the Government of Alberta.

Our pork can be purchased in a variety of ways:

Bulk   –   Pork Boxes   –   Individual Cuts

Bulk Orders

Our pork can be ordered in bulk in two different size options: full and half. Specifics on weight and price breakdown for each option is detailed below. Prices are applied to the hanging weight (weight of beef with head/hair/feet/tail/blood/organs removed). Click here to order.

  • Full pork (average 100 kg/220 lb hanging weight which is approximately 64 kg/140 lb of take home meat): $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb);
  • Half pork (average 50 kg/110 lb hanging weight which is approx. 32 kg/70 lb of take home meat): $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb);
  • Note: custom cuts can be requested, bacon, sausages and ham are an additional cost.

A common question we are asked is how big a freezer do I need to fit that all in? Here is an approximate size of freezer required for each option:

  • Full pork: Approximately 10 cubic foot chest freezer (roughly 4 ft. long) 
  • Half pork: Approximately 4 cubic foot freezer (apartment size – 2 feet by 2 feet)


Pork Box

Our pork boxes are a smaller alternative to ordering bulk while still getting a better value and a variety of meats. Our pork box contain a variety of cuts including: pork chops, bacon, sausage, ribs, ground pork, ham and roast.  Click here to order.

  • 11 kg/25 lb Box (assorted cuts): $125

A 11 kg/25 lb box will fill approximately half the freezer of a traditional sized fridge with the freezer on the top.

Individual Cuts

Our pork can also be bought in individual cuts as listed below with their prices per type of cut. These can be ordered (Click here to order), bought through market, or picked up at the farm.

Bacon: $30.80/kg ($14/lb)

Breakfast Sausage: $20.90/kg ($9.50/lb)

Bratwurst: $22/kg ($10/lb)

Smokies: $22/kg ($10/lb)

Garlic Sausage: $22/kg ($10/lb)

Ham: $16.50/kg ($7.50/lb)

Spare Ribs: $16.50/kg ($7.50/lb)

Pork Chops: $18.70/kg ($8.50/lb)

Pork Cutlets: $18.70/kg ($8.50/lb)

Belly: $19.80/kg ($9/lb)

Tenderloin: $44/kg ($20/lb)

Boston Butt Roast: $17.60/kg ($8/lb)

Picnic Roast: $17.60/kg ($8/lb)

Jowls: $20.90/kg ($9.50/lb)

Ground Pork: $13.20/kg ($6/lb)

Stew Meat: $13.20/kg ($6/lb)

Marrow Bones: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Un-rendered Pork fat: $8.80/kg ($4/lb)

Smoked Hocks: $9.90/kg ($4.50/lb) 

Heart: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Kidney: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Liver: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Dog Bones: $11/kg ($5/lb)

Pig Tail: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Pig Feet: $6.60/kg ($3/lb)

Pig Tongue: $6.60/kg ($3/lb) 

Ordering can be completed by phone (587-673-1077) or by form:

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