The COVID-19 Pandemic

written by

Becky Doherty

posted on

April 29, 2020

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been updates daily on how the virus is spreading and how the governments are responding. We have seen panic from stockpiling necessities to schools closing their doors to students. It is easy to be fearful of this, but we need to remember to stay calm and stay informed. We have had several future food events cancelled for the spring already, and nothing definite regarding farmers’ markets in the spring.

So what does this mean? It means we are transitioning on how we distribute so that we continue to operate. We do have our online store fully functioning to take online orders with up to date inventory of all our products we currently have in stock and allows for online payment. We also have pick up locations as well as deliveries set up for Edmonton and west to Jasper.

Pick up locations include:

Strathearn Neighbourhood (9536 87 street, Edmonton) on Thursday’s 1-130pm  ||  Black Diamond Distillery (16 Renault Crescent #200, St. Albert) on Thursday’s 230-430pm  ||  Woodshed Burgers (10723 124 St, Edmonton) on Thursday’s 5-7pm  ||  Jasper  (Parking lot at 659 Connaught Dr) every second Wednesday during winter/spring/fall from 12-2pm – and weekly at the farmers' market during summer.

We are suggesting for anyone requesting delivery to put out a cooler or box at your front door for us to set the food into – otherwise we will leave order on doorstep with in a bag.  This allows us to limit our contact with you.

We will continue to ensure that at any point that our food is handled (washing and packaging eggs, packing orders, delivering) that the upmost hygienic care is taken. We practice hand washing or hand sanitation at every point. We use a sanitizing spray (from our pals at Black Diamond Distillery) to clean our coolers and freezers.

Our products only go through the hands of ourselves, and for the meat, the processors. At most, our products pass through 3 points of contact prior to you receiving it which is substantially less than that of a grocery store.  

Every dollar you spend with us goes back into the local economy. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

We hope you all stay healthy.

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