Stonepost Farms

We are the Doherty’s, we moved out to the Wildwood area in the spring of 2016, and established Stonepost Farms. Our vision for the farm was to have a farm that could support our family which is why Stonepost Farms carries such a diverse line of products. We share a passion for the outdoors, the ability to produce our own food in a natural and healthy fashion, and sustainability of the land. We hope to pass these values down to the next generation of farmers, which includes our kids.

Stonepost Farms’ mission is to farm ethically, to produce nutrient dense food using ethical and regenerative farming practices that are both economically viable and sustainable for future generations. 

As a small family farm and we pride ourselves in constantly striving to produce the best products possible while improving the land in the process. As small, producers, every dollar you spend has a impact. We want to provide you with quality products at a fair price that you can feel good about.

We focus on regenerative farming techniques, going beyond sustainability. Regenerative farming is a holistic approach to farming which allows us to better our land and the soils on which everything on the farm revolves around. Maintaining and increasing biodiversity across our farm is also a critical, Our farm already has a diverse populations of birds, bees and insects which benefit the farm as a whole and make a healthier landscape.

We continually seek new opportunities to learn and adopt new best management practices, techniques and technologies. This allows us to better operate our farm and return the land and environment to a more natural state.

Farmer John

John comes from southern Alberta, where he was raised on a small family farm which included raising beef, pork and chickens in addition to growing produce for family consumption. John has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, and has extensive experience in the agriculture industry. He has worked as a certified crop inspector for the CFIA and then began his own company as an Environmental consulting.

John dream was always to be a full-time farmer and in 2016, together with his family bought a farm west of Edmonton near Wildwood. In 2018, he transitioned from Environmental consulting to becoming a full time farmer. John wanted to eventually take over the family farm but due to high land prices and little work in southern Alberta, that was not feasible, so Stonepost Farms was born. Using his experience learned from the time he was a kid on how to raise animals and grow food, he applied those skills to his own farm with the help and support of hos wife, Becky.

Values he learned while growing up including care of animals, how to plant and harvest vegetables, and then what to do with that food, including butchering and cooking meals from scratch.



Farmer Becky

Becky comes from southeastern B.C., where she was raised in a small rural community and was heavily involved in the family trail riding business. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in geography and GIS. She has a diverse work portfolio including experience in precision agriculture, soil surveying, sampling and reclamation, rural municipal, wellsite and pipeline survey and drafting, and pipeline risk assessment. She currently works full time as a resource analyst doing modeling and analytics in the natural resource analyst, primarily in the forestry industry.

In 2017, she partook in Alberta Food Council’s pilot program called “Success for Women in Agriculture” which focused on building business skill sets for success in the Agriculture industry. Following the program, she has helped to set the base for a peer group to continue furthering the influence of women in agriculture. 

Becky also participates in several other initiatives including Regeneration Canada, an organization working to promote regenerative agriculture throughout Canada. She also volunteers on the committee for Rural Roots Farmers Showcase, which promotes local producers with a showcase market for local food producers and food artisans as well as a long table dinner featuring local foods in conjunction with Open Farm Days.

Becky manages the business planning, logistics, social media and marketing at Stonepost Farms. In her spare time, when she is not helping in the gardens or working with the animals, she is an avid equestrian. Previous to a farm, career and kids, Becky competed in show jumping and one day hopes to compete again. She also has a passion for the outdoors, including getting out hiking whenever possible.



The Next Generation

Meet Cadence (Cady) and Keagan. Our kids are  involved with every part of the farm. We are structuring the farm to be a sustainable business so that it can be passed down to future generations. The help us everyday with chores, are often along side us at markets selling our products, and soon will have their own line of products to learn how to manage a business and get them involved in learning the process.