*****O N L I N E   S T O R E    N O W   O P E N*****

We’re pretty excited to launch our new online store! This store functions a little differently than a typical store such as amazon but gives us the flexibility to sell products that are vary in weight such as meat. 

How it works? Hit the “SHOP” button on our website, it will take you to our online store which is hosted by Local line. You will be able to see any products that we currently have available (as well as how many are left). We do keep these inventories up to date on a daily basis. As such, when you add items to your cart, when you check out, you do not pay right away. We actually take that invoice and edit it to reflect the actual price of the cut of meat we will be delivering to you. We then push the invoice back to you at which point you will be prompted to pay via credit card. These prompts are sent through your email that you provide when you log in to order. 

For products you do not see listed, we will have updates on our website as to when they will be in stock (as some times it won’t be for several months depending on the season).

We appreciate your patience – we cannot always be in stock of some items, but are working toward increasing our inventory as our demand increases. With farming that inventory takes up to 2 years to increase, so we do appreciate you patience in these early years.

Please check out our store! Let us know what you think, we always welcome feedback (and in turn provide feedback to our providers).

Happy Shopping!