2019 was an interesting year to say the least. We had a lot of hopes as to how well it would go and mother nature taught us a lesson. We figure we lost about 80% in production in our gardens due to inability to use and establish new areas. This was mainly due to flooding, this had a big impact on our ability to succession plant too. We also had poor performance in what we were able to establish from being water logged or not enough sun and heat. We are hoping once spring comes in 2020 and the ground thaws we can establish all our new garden areas into permanent raised beds, so that if a lot of rains hit us we will still have those areas to plant versus being flooded out. It will also help us with a better drainage system, being able to move water better throughout the gardens.

Our bee hives were also severely impacted, with a lot of rain and little sun, honey production was down so much, that we didn’t even manage to harvest enough honey in the hives for ourselves, let alone any to sell. Next year we will have additional hives, so we hope we have weather that will also be beneficial.

One the flip side, we had amazing pastures, our grasses have grown better than any year since we have moved here. We are still feeding our cows on pasture right now and hope to continue to until the snow becomes to deep for them to forage, in which we will start bale grazing.

We are already busy planning for next year, and are excited to improve our methods for another successful year.